Emo, Punk, Rock from South-West Germany

20 Days Dull

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With their unique mixture of Emo, Punk and Rock elements these guys are rocking any crowd. Their songs are made up from a variety of sound and style-fragments that they recombine to their very own song structure. If you dive into it you can discover lots of interesting things from the lyrical and musical site. Whilst vocals and guitars are almost surrounding you from every site adding sugar sweet harmonies as well as rocking tunes, the rhythm group made up of bass and drum, is pushing the song forward - this groove makes you dance, kick and scream like there's no tomorrow.

Bandpicture - 20 Days Dull - 2018 - Mike, Marco and Jens

Members and instruments, from left to right:

Mike Scherz (20+) Drums and Background Vocals
Marco Scigliano (30+) Bass and Lead Vocals
Jens Jahn (30+) Melody Guitar and Background Vocals / Shouts


The Band 20 Days Dull exists for more than 15 years and is still going. The 3 have found their love to music already in young ages and have always kept improving their abilities and horizon. Influenced by Rock and Punk Rock the idea of a band was born. The founder and singer (Marco) was from the moment of starting the band - and still is - like the glue that keeps everything together, preserving the dream, whilst fighting to achieve a place in the music environment was always part of his everyday striving and struggling to get his message out to the world. Throughout all these years he never gave up - no matter what happened.

Long time overdue...

2008 - The decision was made. An album should be recorded. With lots of love for the details and a nonetheless grand amount of madness the plan succeeded. After a lot of sweat, big hassles and some nearly nervous breakdowns the album was finished at the start of 2014. Somehow you could say the album reflects those last 15 years of band history. You can hear and feel the musical influences of all those involved in the process, as well as all those special moments that went into the long production of this CD. As of the content this album deals with morality, and those little things between humans every day that finally matter so much. If you listen closely the album has to tell a lot. It is not political. It runs deeper and asks, why humans are more and more losing those old values as respect, empathy and helpfulness, which we learned as children.


The band had to undergo some changes in all these years. Some left, others joined and carried over those ideals and music the band presents. Marco the dyed-in-the-wool band leader now has found in Mike and Jens such musically nerdy members as himself. The new album is in progress which will have as well somme of this nostalgic moments and feelings as it will have a much more positive vibe with lots of new musical aspects adopted by the band over the years. What remains is the love for the small details and the undaunted will to continueo walking on a not so easy way.

"A band is always the sum of all the musical influences,
provided by each of its members"


15.02.2020 Devilsplace(Saarbrücken) Info Route
13.03/14.03 Peru:Cusco+LimaInfo
no further dates announced yet !!!!




20 Days Dull - What would you Say - CD-Cover (AnyLo - 001 / 2013)


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